| In His Honour – Hartbeespoort

Children especially, became one of our focal points, due to the deterioration of the social service structure – children's homes were overfull and due to the massive influx, could not accommodate any more children.

Furthermore, due to economic and social pressure in family homes there was a drastic increase in child abuse as well as child molestation. The children's courts received more cases where children needed to be placed in children's homes, but these homes being full could not accommodate them.

We then built a Safe Care Centre where In His Honour Outreach Foundation currently accommodates and cares for children under the age of 18 and serves as foster parents for these children.

Monthly Expenses include: School extra's / Cleaners / Gas for food and Showers / Extra mural activities / Medical Expenses / Transport / Extra classes / Remedial teaching.

Unfortunately in our line of work we are often confronted with addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs and many of the programs that are available are very costly.

We offer to assist these families where the addicted person would like to rid themselves of their addiction, but unfortunately there is no guarantee on any program, it is all about choice.

Our Program consists of a detox period in Hartbeespoort where they are monitored and the entire period is based on Christian Principles, trust, respect and self-worth. No medication is used but if necessary they are referred for medical attention. We help them to help themselves and our only requirement is that they want to be on the program out of their own free will and that they want to live an addition free life.

Thereafter when they are ready for reintegration into society, we assist them with rebuilding family ties and help to seek employment for them.

Currently there are also full time older residents on the property, these are people that are destitute and need a helping hand, of these residents some are family units.

Although the property in Hartbeespoort is equipped to accommodate persons for short periods (weekends and holidays), but currently a large part of the "paying" accommodation and facilities are being utilised by non-paying persons that are being assisted by In His Honour Outreach Foundation.

| Veteran Farm – Carpe Diem

In 2016 we were contacted by Mr X, a pensioner from Rustenburg. He offered to donate an uninhabited farm to In His Honour Outreach Foundation with the plan that In His Honour Outreach Foundation would turn it into a kibbutz to assist persons with no place to go, a stepping stone, giving them a second chance in life, firstly to find themselves and then to become part of the building up of the farm, so that it could become self-sustainable.

This farm is where we house Military Veterans that have no place to stay and where we plan on hosting our next "Work for Jesus" Children's camp for underprivileged children instead of utilizing our facility at Hartbeespoort.

It is important to mention that In His Honour Outreach Foundation is a fully registered Section 21 company (non profit company); it therefore goes without saying that, although the aim with the farm is to become self-sustained /self-supporting and incoming generating, the idea of the farm becoming "Profit driven" is not part of the long term planning - funds generated will be ploughed back into the farm's expansion.

The farm will also be used for "Work for Jesus" children's camps which are held regularly for the children that cannot afford to go on camps with schools and other groups. The camps are usually held at Schoemansville Resort in Hartbeespoort and now we will be able to alternate hosting them on the farm as well.

| Funding

His Honour Outreach Foundation is not state subsidised and depends totally on donations to be able to assist others in need. Due to economic pressure that we are experiencing in the country at the moment, we have found that there has been an increase in people in need and a decrease in those that are able to assist.

We host fundraisers and to generate funds but have found that there is also a decrease in income from these events due to the economics once again and have come to the realization that we need to form another form of income so as to try and sustain our people.

We unfortunately need the assistance of trained persons to assist us with our Projects and this requires us paying for their services, not every person can afford their time to help us and not receive an income.

| Tax Saving

We are entirely dependent on sponsorships and we are not state assisted. Due to the fact that we are a registered PBO we are able to issue you with an 18A certificate which is claimable from tax.

Here is information regarding the certificate and how companies can benefit and maximise their tax savings.

A taxpayer making a bona fi de donation in cash or of property made in kind to a section 18A approved organisation, is entitled to a deduction from his taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary receipt issued by the organisation; and does not exceed 10% of the taxable income (excluding any retirement fund lump sum benefit) of the taxpayer, calculated before allowing any deduction under section 18A or any deduction for medical and dental expenses.

The donation must actually be paid or transferred during the year of assessment. The donation must be made directly to the organisation which has been approved in terms of section 18A.

Having met the requirements, and with the necessary 18A certificate in hand, the taxpayer must then claim the deduction on their tax return. The original certificate must be kept in a safe place and made available to SARS if requested.

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